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Aromapet's state of the art grooming salon and dog spa provides natural pampering with the use of high grade botanical and organic products which are safe and gentle for your pets


My Puppy and Me

Package includes:
Body Massage for the owner: 1 hour
Pet Massage: 20 minutes

Price - P700

Reminder: All types of Dogs should undergo preliminary assessment before we proceed in any form of massage.

Accredited by Pet Massage Ltd. Ohio, USA



Canine & Feline grooming/treatment


Bathe and Tidy - Php 500 up
Hydrosurge therapeutic bath (shampoo & conditioner), hand fluff drying, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trimming, tooth brushing and anal gland cleansing.

Full style and Groom - Php 600 up
Bathe and tidy plus complete hair cutting with free ribbons.

15 mins therapeutic massage

Pamper Me - Php 650 up
Full style and groom plus 5 mins gentle therapeutic massage.


Bathe & Brush - Php 350 up

Bathe, Brush and Body Shave - Php 500 up

DP 64 Anti Flea Treatment - DP 64 is a highly concentrated non rinsing hair tonic with a 14 day residue. An absolute must for the summer season. It contains botanical oils to leave the coat smooth and shiny without leaving the coat greasy.

Rates: Small breed - Php 150 Large breed - Php 300

a la carte Services

Pooch Smooch facial - Php 150
Deep cleaning with blueberry facial and vanilla scrub made for your dogs delicate face. Helps to eliminate tear stains; it's gentle formula won't sting eyes.

Milk Paw Treatment - Php 150 Treat your pet to a respite of tranquility and splendor. The brilliant combination of vanilla and milk thistle lulls your pet to a calm revitalizing paw treatment.

Helps to heal paws damaged from gravel, asphalt and hot roads making them less likely to crack.

Aromasoak - Php 150 (This is for small dogs only)
Indulge your pet to a 10 minute salt soak rich with Chamomile and lavender essential oils. We guarantee that the aroma stays on your pet for days.

Spa Services

Guava Dip - Php 150 Natural treatment for hot spots, skin sores and rashes using medicinal guava leaves. Duration of treatment: 10 min

Thalassotherapy Mud Bath + Massage - This is not just an ordinary mud. It is enriched with natural ingredients including various minerals and seaweed extract. The warmth from the mud bath will increase blood circulation which in turn rejuvinates and improves the condition on the skin. Duration of treatment: 30 min.

Rates: Small breed - Php 850 Medium breed - Php 950 Large breed - Php 1050 



Coat Conditioning Treatment - a must for dogs with dry, greasy coat. Our revitalizing coat conditioning treatment contains plant extracts and vitamins to promote a healthy, soft and manageable hair.  Duration of treatment: 15 min.

Rates: Small breed - Php 300 Large breed - Php 600



Pet Esthe Aromatic Bath Salt Treatment:

Rates: Small breed - Php 300 Large breed - Php 600

Pawdicure - Php 200
Nail Trimming - Php 100
Ear Cleaning - Php 100
Tooth Brushing - Php 100
De-ticking- Php 350 up

De-shedding(furminator) - Php 350 up
Scissor Clipping - Php 350 up
De-matting - Php 350 up

*Prices will vary depending on the type of coat and size of the pet.




Visit us: 133 Tomas Morato Ave. Quezon City, Philippines Location Map: Click here!
Tel. No. 3720680 to 81 Mobile: 0917-8888752 Email: [email protected]